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When you can't wait for vacation...

...but taking a trip (or two) wears you the eff out. My social anxiety was on high alert and I'm finally (two weeks later) okay.

I'm fully vaccinated, so I wasn't worried for my health, but whoa-boy was I worried about being around a buncha people I don't know. The US is trying to open up, remove the mask rules, start the economy up with deals and discounts and incentives for taking vacations. And I thought I'd be fine with it, maybe even excited for it, but I. Am. Not.

The flights were fine. If anything, I appreciate the airports and airlines the most for still enforcing mask mandates. Thankfully everyone behaved on all four flights I've been on over the last two weekends. Some grumpy kiddos, to be sure, but they did their best to enjoy being on a plane again. Amazing how people following the rules was one of the two things that helped me relax during my vacay.

The other was hiding away from strangers for a solid 10 minutes. I'm all kinds of messed up, I know :P

But onto the next "big" thing

Now that the trips are behind me for another 3 weeks (hello wedding on July 4th weekend), I can concentrate on my next "big" idea. The only hint I will give is an aesthetic I made during the PitchWars lead up to the showcase...which feels like FOREVER ago now but really isn't in the grand scheme of things. :P

This story is taking its time to get out of me. I contemplate each word I write...and then I read it back...and then I rewrite it :D This is not usual for me. Most of the time, all my editing is done after the draft is complete. I like to get the story out in its entirety (good bad or in between) and fix it all at once.

Unclear why I'm having a hard time with this one, but here I am. Struggling.

The constant state of a writer, no?


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