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reading, writing, dreaming

It's hard to believe we're in June already. Where has the first half of the year gone? I've been reading a little, writing less than I should, and have seen a lot more family than necessary. LOL

Let's start with reading. As I'm fully invested in my horror-thriller era, I recently finished Their Vicious Games by Joelle Wellington.

Short description: One fight, one moment of lost control, leaves Adina Walker blacklisted from her top choice Ivy League college. Her only chance to regain the future she’s sacrificed everything for is the Finish, a high-stakes contest where the winner will be granted entry into the fold of the Remington family, whose wealth and power can open any door.

But when she arrives at the Finish, Adina quickly gets the feeling that something isn’t quite right with both the Remingtons and her fellow competitors, and soon it becomes clear that this larger-than-life prize can only come at an even greater cost. Because the Finish’s stakes aren’t just make or break…they’re life and death.

I loved the premise of this story even though it made me simultaneously angry and gleeful. Much like in the real world we have a POC MC forced to "prove" they belong in a place they have rightfully earned. No matter how many times she rises to the challenge, even achieves the goal, the post is moved.

Does this sound familiar? I relate to Adina's experience and had a visceral reaction to the words on the page at least once; maybe twice. In a good way.

family time; you want some...but never too much. Memorial Day weekend found the family and I in Traverse City, MI to support one of my sisters and a brother-in-law in the Bayshore Marathon. Once known as the "Cherry Capital" of the world there were, sadly for us, no cherries in sight. I can confirm, however, the cherries are delicious straight off the tree when they're in season. There are also these gorgeous lavender fields up and down the peninsula where you can cut your own bunches of fragrant flowers. I highly recommend <3

Last weekend I was stranded in the woods with close to 40 people from my partner's side of the family. They are loud and rambunctious, which isn't the problem for me.

It's the damn trees!

I am allergic to all of them. :P While relatives sat by the campfire (love), played in the pool (meh), or generally enjoyed the fresh air (*sob*), I was stuck indoors taking twice the recommended dose of allergy medicine and suffering swollen sinuses. Although it was good to see [some] of them, I wish I could've stayed home with my computer.

Next time I get to choose the vacation.


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