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the wrecking never stops

Fun fact about writing I knew but didn't know before signing with an agent. You're not done editing the book until it is

published. As in: expect to read your story several [hundred] times, constantly finding tweaks you must make to your words.

Have you noticed my writing motto?

Write > Wreck > Repeat

Yea, it's never been so clear to me how many times I will need to wreck my stories to make them better. Even now, after the wonderful Tara saw the potential in my little MG, I am making so many changes as I'm revising.

My edit letter was simple. Even the notes in the margins of my MS were few. However, going back over my words, there are nuances I want to highlight. I want to inject more humor. I want to be sure my words will make an impact.

So here I am, tracking words removed and words added per chapter all over again. No worries, though, cause my trusty spreadsheet does all the math for me.

Love my spreadsheets!

And also - I LOVE THIS MOCK COVER!!! Look at what the wonderful and brilliant MK Hardy made for meeee! In typical me fashion I added sparkles. But the cover alone had me in tears. This whole journey is a roller coaster and I'm so glad to be on the ride.


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