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the rhythm is gonna get me

so, new space. fun times. no pressure :P

figured i'd start off here with what's foremost on my mind: how do I get this MG outta my head? It started off as an idea from a dream. the dream was only one scene, but from that scene I immediately extrapolated the Protagonist, Antagonist, and Victim.

that was over a month ago, friends, and I have been struggling to write the words ever since. the foremost reason being: i'm getting distracted by plot bunnies. it took a 1 hour call with a writer friend - a call i didn't even know i needed until after it was done - to get me back on track.

so, here is my accountability. 1338 words a day for the next...25 days. yes including weekends. because in the big scheme of things, writing 5.4 pages a day seems reasonable.

if i'd just sit down to do the words :P


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