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Rogue Mentoring

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

I finally unlocked a new badge on my author journey: be a mentor! I did it for Quillers in December; I'll be doing it again in the Spring for RogueMentors and I am so excited!! But what is it?

Rogue Mentors

Rogue Mentors is a flexible mentoring program where agented authors choose a writer (or two or three) to revise their query and manuscript with. The deadlines and end date are determined by the mentor and their mentee. Although there's no agent round, the point is to get the mentee's query and manuscript to a place where they can enter the wide world of querying with the strongest pages possible.

The Process

1. Writers will send their query and first ten pages (or chapter) to the mentors who best fit their work. That's right: send to as many mentors as you think might be a good fit for your story. Read our wishlists (coming 4/7), stalk us on socials (you know you want to), and make your list (and check it twice).

  • April submission window is from 4/22 > 4/25

  • May submission window will be from 5/27 > 5/30

2. We'll read all your applications and choose a mentee (or few). Together, we'll spend a mutually agreed upon amount of time revising your manuscript and query.

What to do in the meantime?

Polish those pages, of course! Some of the mentors are open to working on manuscripts that need a little extra TLC, others aren't so much, but why should that matter? Just like when you go out querying this story to agents/publishers, you want it to be in the best shape possible. Spend time on your pages between now and the opening of the submission window. Reach out to us on social with questions if you have them.

The Schedule

Fun & Games

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