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Rogue Mentor Wishlist

I can't believe I get to write this but: My RogueMentor wishlist is live

After bopping over to the RogueMentor site, come back here and scroll down for my more detailed (including visual) wishlist!!!

But first - what is Rogue Mentor?

It started with a tweet from Nat Lockett offering a different kind of mentorship and spread like wildfire.

We're the purveyor of flexible writing/publishing mentorship opportunities for mentors/mentees with time, health, or other constraints. Our goal is to provide an avenue for safe and accessible mentorship for all.

Why I choose to be a Rogue Mentor:

I missed my chance to be a PitchWars mentor, something I hoped for since I first learned of the program back in 2014, but that hasn't stopped me from volunteering to mentor with other programs or offer critique packages of my own. I hope I've helped those writers move forward.

Writing is hard; querying can seem harder. Though it might all feel like a solitary endeavor, it doesn't have to be! If I am the only person you share your work with - thank you for trusting me. I promise to do my best for you.

I'm hoping for:

If you're like me, you have a hard time sharing your work with others. And that's fine! I only ask that my mentee has edited their manuscript themselves at least once. No first drafts, please.

I write both MG and YA and am open categories to both in the speculative arena. Give me a contemporary with fantastical or paranormal elements at the heart of the story. Give me stories about families, friendships, first crushes, and kids passionate about their interests. Give me heartfelt, coming of age, messy internal and external relationships. I love retellings with new twists, especially where the girls are slaying dragons and saving the prince or princess.

Diversity is super important to me, so send me stories from your perspective and your authentic view. Whether the diversity is racial, sexual, cultural, or about your disability, I hope you'll give me a chance to get to know you.

I'm not a good fit for:

My reading is pretty varied, but there are a few topics I'm just not a good fit for in either MG or YA

  • a novel-in-verse - though lovely, I have no experience with them

  • graphic novels - I'm not sure how I could help here

  • animal MCs

  • animal cruelty - nuff said

  • vampires - I'm writing something in this area now so don't want to mix signals

  • POC story written by a non-POC - do I really need to explain this?

  • Diverse story written by a non-diverse author - do I really need to explain this?

  • High fantasy or hard science fiction - no Tolkien or Lovecraft for me, please

My ideal mentee:

This relationship is a give and take, so my ideal mentee will put in as much time as is needed to strengthen their story. I hope you have a polished manuscript that needs some work. My critiquing style tends to be to ask questions so that you can determine the path forward; however, I hope you are open to revising or even gutting sub-plots if it makes the manuscript better, faster, stronger. I will point out inconsistencies or why something isn't working and brainstorm solutions with you.

I am quickest to respond to DMs and texts; emails follow closely after but I'll usually respond within 24 hours. I'm open to FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zooms meetings, or simple calls; whatever my mentee is most comfortable with. You determine the frequency and we'll work out the times and dates.

Visual MSWL

If you've made it this far, please enjoy this collage of books I've enjoyed. If you can comp your story to any (or a combination of these) then please send it my way!

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