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Welp, it's been 7 days since I started my revisions. I had 5 great days of editing and/or creating new sentences of my manuscript, and then my motivation...crashed. Just for a couple of days, for no reason at all, I couldn't write a word. I couldn't even get my butt in my chair.

But you know what? that's okay. although I wasn't actively writing, I was untangling and reconnecting scenes in my head.

In case you're curious, here's how I prepped before writing a single word:

  1. Created a new tab on my trusty spreadsheet (cause I'm a sucker for my spreadsheets)

  2. Identified scene breaks in my MS and made them new chapters - this is something I needed to do because my chapters run too long for MG. I'm already loving the shorter chapters though.

  3. Verified my plot points still hit in the right spot - all of them do not. hahaha. Imma have to figure them out as they come.

  4. Took my mentor's notes and copied the text into cells next to my new breakdown so that I address the problem areas as I'm writing. This really helps me ensure that I don't lose sight of the finer points to address.

Also, I told Gail I'd return the first revision to her before Christmas. She didn't impose a date, but I work better with deadlines. :P AND - I'm hoping she'll be able to take another look and provide additional feedback before I owe her the final on Feb 1, 2021.

Wow...just writing that date out there feels so odd. How are we near the end of 2020 already? Where did this year go?

Being chosen for PitchWars has been the highest point of my year.


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