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PitchWars: the second time around

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Buried somewhere in my old blog is an entry (or a few) speaking to my PW 2016 experience, but let me tell you right now, reader, it is incomparable to what I've accomplished this time around. I came out of my shell (a smidge) and made some lifelong friends in the 2020 cohort. I taught myself a few more digital skills (waggle brows). And I learned to BRAG about this story I L O V E. I think the best way to do this is to recap some things I made for the PWParty20 :)

Day 1: Anika Patel and her Menagerie of Misfits

You'll love this book if you want to see an Indian American girl in a magical, modern day Gujarat. Also featuring: Found evil family, Demonish friends, Magical creatures, Diabolical desserts, Ghosts, Bucking the system, and Saving loved ones

Day 4: Share a favorite line. My current reigning favorite is at the end of page 1:

"Wizard kids get wands, we sorcerers get talismans...I think we get the better deal. Who wants to carry around a stick when you can have jewelry (blech) or armor (meh) or brass knuckles (yes please!) to help you use your magic?"

Day 5: My story is perfectly paired with:

Bollywood movies, Chai, Sugarcane Juice, Coconut Burfi, Glittery Lehenga Cholis, Lamps & Oudinis, and a Comfy chair with peacock feathers wafting above your head.

Day 8: Next Projects


2: Sapphic Desi fantasy adventure

And always Gujarati protags! Representation is important to me. Out of 28 Indian states and 720 South Asian dialects, I have yet to see authentic Gujarati rep in US fiction. All Indians aren't the same. All Indian Americans aren't the same. But these are my stories :)

If you've made it this far - thank you! And also, feel free to bop on over to the PitchWars blog and check out my entry in the 2020 Showcase.

I love this story so much and I hope you get the chance to read it one day <3

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