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PitchWars version 2.0

No one: shocked that PitchWars announced mentees early!

Me: what happened now?

To say I was unprepared is an understatement. Gail and I messaged a few times during the reading window, and I didn't suspect for a moment that she was probing because I was her pick. Seriously, all her hinting went right over my head. I am blind :P

I was blindsided, truly. This is my first MG, written from my heart and with my daughter in mind, so it couldn't possibly have been in good enough shape to get me into PWs, right? Right!


So now I'm about to embark on another PW journey and I couldn't be more excited! I won't have my initial edit letter for a few more days but I have some reading to do in the meantime. Time to hit some books!


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