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not much doing

I used to be of the mindset that if I wasn't writing a single word, I was not being productive. Following my PitchWars experience, this is both more true than ever and yet, not exactly right.

In 1 month for PitchWars I: revised my entire MS, added 50% more words, deleted a bunch of "can be used elsewhere" scenes, removed filler words, made sure I was writing with the voice of my audience. There were days during that month I did not write at all (yes, I kept track on my spreadsheet), but all in all, I polished the pages to what I considered gleaming in less than 30 days.

And since then I've written...maybe 1000 total words? Now, pre-PW me would've beat myself up about this, but new me will not. I realize that there is no point in forcing myself to write some words for the sake of a metric so that in the end I end up hating my words. This is not to say I can't and won't do it on a deadline - i ROCK deadlines - but left to my own devices, I might...meander to the end :P

That being said, I am joining CampNano in the hopes that I'll finish a rough draft of a Sapphic Adventure Fantasy on my mind in April. I'll track progress here - if I can figure out how to embed a word counter on my front page anyway. Wix can be troublesome for me at the worst of times.

Also..i have something exciting happening this weekend that I can't really talk about yet. Hopefully, though...hopefully, it will be something to cheer about this time next week.

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