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  • Hetal Avanee

i have the best mentor - FIGHT ME

i got myself out of bed SUPER early to chat with my amazing mentor Gail this morning, and i have determined that 6am convos with her will always be worth it. Between laughs we really got to the crux of some of the issues with my manuscript, and this being my first ever MG, I really needed her insight. In a chat with my fellow MG mentees, I won the prize for longest edit letter - LOL - but no word is wasted or extra in those 21 pages.

Each of her notes point out how I can strengthen and tighten my plot, character, world-building, and dialogue. And after much internet searching, I plan to address the story's issues in that order care of Tomi Adeyemi's blog. I have spent hours on her site following the receipt of my edit letter and recommend signing up for the free subscription to her worksheets.

I'm a worksheet junkie: i have a problem

I've edited before, of course, but I decided this time around that I need more structure to my revisions. And with Gail's letter open in one window, notes against every chapter open in another, and the MS itself in a third, I can see a clear path forward. This will be especially helpful because I have a self-imposed deadline to send my first revision back to Gail before Christmas.


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