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  • Hetal Avanee

hurry up and wait

Publishing is an endurance test in waiting.

You write - and are waiting for the words "THE END" to manifest on the page.

You edit/revise - and wait for everything to be "perfect".

You pitch your story - and wait for an agent [or publisher/editor] to like it.

You query - and wait for someone to say "I love this so much. Let's hop on a call!"

You enter a contest - and wait for some positive feedback and hope to be chosen.

Your story goes on sub - and you're left in a dark place for months (sometimes over a year) waiting for editor feedback.

Why did I choose this life again? LOL

My endurance has never been great. I played sports that required sporadic spurts of energy (volleyball, softball, basketball), not the ones that made you run full out for 100 , 250, 500 yards. But here I am compelled to write stories and enter the long distance marathon that is publishing. I'm waiting on updates for so many things. One story on sub since last May, a short story submission against an open call, a new full is with my agent, an email to an acquiring IP curator, and writing a whole nother story I can't really talk about except I will say I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The secrets are killing me! Why is so much related to this industry secret-secret? Would love some transparency, but alas, that is not the dream I signed up for.

With all the recent editor resignations, I'm saddened by the thought that there won't be anyone around to acquire my quiet, fierce Anika. I'm holding onto my sanity with my fingernails but part of my heart has moved onto the next story, the next idea, the next opportunity. I might still bind this book for my daughter (whom I wrote it for) and myself. She's been waiting on it for two years, after all, and deserves the reward for her hope and faith that I'll be a published author one day.

I might have lost my faith, but I still have hope <3

If you've made it this far, enjoy some aesthetics for all the stories out in the world and my WIP.

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