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Seems I'm not the only one thinking of my story becoming a "real" book in my house. I admit that I've neglected my family to meet a deadline of my own creation (Tara is too sweet to demand revisions back by such and such a date) but the kiddos are so excited for me! Their enthusiasm bolsters me when I wonder if this will come to anything. They don't realize I've been pursuing this since they were babies, and I've been wanting this moment for just as long.

"What will your book look like?" my son asks.

I smile. "I have no idea, hon. Why do you ask?"

"So I can show it to everybody and say my mom wrote this book!"

I teared up and wrapped him in such a hug that he wriggled and complained before I let him go.

I've been doing that a lot lately: tearing up at the littlest compliment my kids give me. They are as excited as I am - despite me telling them that it will be a couple of years and only if a publisher wants to give it a chance. They won't hear it. They believe it's going to happen for me. They believe it's going to be this book that gets me there.

I think their faith deserves some happy tears. :)

We did a big thing yesterday, Tara and I. Okay, mostly Tara but I had to write the story, so maybe that counts for something? :D Anika Patel and the Beastly Bakery went on sub yesterday. EEEEEEKKKK! This is as nerve-wracking as an author querying agents asking them to love me. I know it's not about me, it's the story the editors need to love, but as my family and I are SO MUCH in this story, I can only hope they love us too.

That's the reason I'm so invested in this particular story being the one I want published [first]. After consulting my real-life MC (my very own Anika) it was so easy to write. The words just flew from my brain. Although I tried to stick to her wishlist for what should be in the story, the story went another way. I hope she approves when she finally gets to read it.

Yup, she still isn't allowed to read it. Not yet. To be completely honest, I'm worried about her opinion on the pages. What if she doesn't love them as much as I do? What if she doesn't relate? I can't take it if my inspiration, my first baby, doesn't enjoy the story dedicated to her.

But I guess that's the way we feel towards all readers, no? We want them to love the story, love us, but there will always be those we can't win over. And we must accept that.

Oh boy, though, if my girl hates it, I don't know if I'll recover.

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