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am i famous now?

kidding kidding: I am neither looking for nor ready for fame. Please give it to the extroverts and leave the other introverts and me alone :P

HOWEVER - how cool is this!

THAT'S MY NAME!!!! (well, my pen name, to be fair, BUT IT MEEEEEEE)

And also, I will be recording my first ever podcast this Saturday - EEK AGAIN! I'm not sure I love my voice, but others don't seem to mind it. My good friend Erica definitely doesn't mind it <3 So yea, if you want to hear about my author journey thus far, my diaspora upbringing, or to hear me laugh at myself, please stop by when it's live!

I really sold you on that, huh?

But really, my childhood defined me. I tried so hard to fit in and my heart hurt every time I failed at it. I tried hiding so much of the "real" me, even when I didn't know what the "real" me meant. I never had the right clothes or hair or Trapper Keeper, and it was made worse because I was the first non-Caucasian in that school system.

I still remember the name of the person who chased me down to ask if I only bathed once a week...cause they read it in a book about rural life in India.

Yea, that happened. And other things. So many things that my 3 younger sisters can't believe I went through any of those trials. But again, I can look back on those experiences and know they shaped me into who I am now.

I'm pretty happy with her...until I'm thrown into a room with a bunch of other Desis.

No one judges as critically about the nuances of your hair, jewelry, dress, makeup, and American accented Gujarati like other Desis. Honestly, I avoid those events as often as possible but some are unavoidable.

Maybe I'll gain some confidence in that arena when I grow up ;)


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