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Saturday, March 27 I finally levelled up. I finally had my first offer of rep call from an agent! I finally got to tell my family, who have ben watching me on this journey for MANY years, that an agent loved one of my stories enough to want to represent me! AHHHHH

Some stats about my journey in case you're curious:

24 ~ # of manuscripts I finish but will never see the light of day in their current forms

13 ~ # of years I've been writing and learning, wrecking and growing as an author

6 ~ # of years I've been querying

5 ~ # of manuscripts that I've queried

**I'll post manuscript specific stats, for all 5 queried stories, after 4/10.**

Readers, I cried for joy at the 5 minute mark of the call when she said "oh by the way, this is definitely me offering you representation. Want to be clear." She definitely put me out of my misery by just those words. And though the entire call lasted exactly 36 minutes (one of my favorite numbers!), I walked away with all of the information I needed in the moment.

Also this agent has read both the PitchWars revision of my MG and a YA I queried a very little bit last year. She wanted to offer on the YA MS before she even read the MG, but if she's the only agent to offer representation I'd consider myself so blessed. "It only takes one" means so much to me right now.


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