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#AMMConnect bio for round 4, Spring 2018

I tried to write one of these sooner, but didn't have the nerve to actually follow through. Cause, you know, other than a buncha passes under my belt regarding this story, what have I actually accomplished? In hindsight, a helluva lot actually.

Some mentors might recognize the name of my piece, Beautiful Nightmares, but I'm hoping the pages show enough change to make it something almost new.

The story I will submit to AMM round 4 is actually an overhaul of the story I submitted during AMM round 3. I received some insightful feedback early this year (happy to share details through DM) that immediately excited me. After taking time to ingest the suggestions, I re-outlined and reconfigured Beautiful Nightmares. I added a POV, altered tense, and upped my pace.

Are my changes successful? I hope so! That's why I'll be entering my manuscript to AuthorMentorMatch.

About my Book

Minna Kahn must master her Siren-like power or a curse cast in her past life will kill everyone she loves in this one.

Reconciling with her dad in Delhi would be a dream come true for Minna, if she wasn't busy fighting Rakshasas intent on carrying out a three hundred year old curse to destroy her. A reincarnated rival from her past life urges the demons to succeed, so Minna must learn to control her powers on a steep curve in order to achieve her dreams, otherwise creatures from her nightmares will destroy them all.

Meera Kahn needs her half-sister's help in order to fight an enemy who controls the Rakshasas, or lose any chance at her happy ending.

When Meera came to Chicago hoping to introduce herself to her sister, she had no idea she'd be battling the same demons she was trying to eradicate back home. Worse, they seem intent on hurting Minna. The machinations of the Rakshasas makes it imperative that Meera and her sister fight together to win a centuries long war; but in order to do so, Meera must confront a truth about herself that could upend her world.

As a Mentee

I promise to consider every change, no matter how difficult it might at first seem. I've already added a POV and changed tense during this revision, hopefully well. I even changed genres - probably not as well :) I guess, what it comes down to, is that I'm not afraid of trying whatever it takes to make my manuscript as strong as it can be.

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