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NaNoWriMo day 5

You're probably looking at this and wondering if you missed days 1-4. Nope! You missed nothing. I just thought I'd start here because the whimsy struck :)

My NaNo stats so far are:

- approximately 9000 words written

- outline changed 3 times

- tense changed twice

- POV changed once.

I don't know about you, but I don't stress about changing POVs or tenses. Sure I have to be particularly detailed when I go back through the first revision, but I try not to think too hard about it when I'm in the flow of the words.

My trick for winning NaNo is to write without interruption.

This doesn't necessarily mean locking myself in a room away from my kids - tho that helps too - or ignoring the world. For me, without interruption means setting aside blocks of time, usually in half hours, putting on the music, and letting the words flow.

I also don't write linearly; I write the scene that's clearest in my mind. A lot of these are the ones with the most tension, whether emotionally or physically, these are so easy to write for me. Labeling the snippet by a scene nickname helps me put them all together in the end.

And this is a habit from before I had scrivener.

I'm still leery about the tool. Although I like it for many reasons, I hate it for one: there's only one copy of the story anywhere. If I don't remember to manually back it up in my OneDrive or send it to myself through an email, and gods forbid the pages don't save properly or back up, then it's lost.

And that's happened almost too many times to count. It sounds like an excuse every time, folks, so don't let it happen to you. If this is going to be our future, if we want to make this our living, we can't let it happen.

Talk to you tomorrow. :)

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