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a little late to the AMMConnect party but...

Pardon my dust. It's been like...a year since I expressed a thought longer than 140 characters. :D

About Beautiful Nightmares:

- I always tend to write Contemporary Fantasy, this story is my first foray into Young Adult, though I leaned towards upper with a 17 year-old protag.

- Per my usual, you're hearing from a first generation India-American on the pages because that is what I am. But, as a diversion from my norm, this book touches upon some of the issues that continue to plague me emotionally and spiritually.

- This story took me about six months to complete from first draft to polish. That's 75% faster than it took me to complete Riven in case you're keeping track. I mean, I am. haha. I'm hoping my current #WIP takes even less time.

- I hope this book successfully transports you from Chicago to Delhi and some of the places I've been. That is the goal after all!

- Pinterest inspiration board at:

- From PitMad:

- Her soul prayed for vengeance in a past life; Minna must master her Nagini pwr in this life to defeat her reborn enemy.

- 17yo Minna must master her Nagini pwr or a curse cast in her past life will kill her Fam in this one.


Why I'll be entering AuthorMentorMatch: Well, those things I said about this being my first YA and successfully transporting you across the Atlantic? I want to make sure I hit those points. I'm also worried my pacing might be too fast, the details sparce, the voice off...okay, I just really need someone to tell me all the things, so I continue to grow as an OwnVoices writer. Honestly tell me everything, I'm a big girl. I promise I can take it. :-)

About me: I am one of four girls, the OLDEST of four girls I should add, to immigrant parents. I was the experiment child, and in many ways had to find my own ways to navigate a dominantly Caucasian suburb because my mom's advice of "just ignore them" didn't cut it. For me this meant a lot of ducking into Hindu myths as well as YA fiction by RL Stine, Christopher Pike, teen hometown romances (probably by harlequin), and Harry Potter of course! Because of those trials, I am not naturally confrontational. I had a hard time finding my voice and an outlet for my pain and, yes, the lessons that helped me become stronger. Though it's taken me 36 years to find my medium, that's what my writing helps me achieve. I hope this shows in my writing.

If chosen, I pledge to be a good mentee: First off, you can ask me anything. If something is confusing or seems off, I promise I am open to talking it out. Second, and more important probably, is that I want this piece to be everything it can be.

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