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pondering #PitchWars?

It's that season again.

PitchWars season :)

I look forward to this event more than my own birthday. If you don't believe me, look at a couple of examples from last year here and here. :) For months leading up to the submission window, we are introduced to Published Authors, Editors, and Interns who not only passing out sage advice, but also they are rooting for us - the unpubbed writer. Every single one of us.

You might be afraid to enter.

You might be afraid to interact with the mentors.

Let me tell you something: there is no reason to let fear OR the doubt bunny conquer you.

Thanks for the term @kimacohen ;)

There's no reason you can't joke with the mentors. There's no reason not to favorite their tweets. There's no reason you shouldn't follow each and every one of them. Many of them have been in our place and are more than happy to talk us off our ledges. Don't read their encouragement as empty platitudes - their words are filled with hope for us to truly succeed.

One of the unmentioned rewards of following the #PitchWars thread is the plain old fun!

Did you notice my cute-animal-GIF battle with Kate Foster these last couple of days? You should join in next time! My "daily smile"

Push aside your uncertainty for just a few minutes, and come build relationships with stellar people in the same boat as you and me. Because in the end, when the "chosen" are anounced later this month, the relationships we make now will keep us afloat.

I can't even name all the people I connected with last year because of #PitchWars. Honestly, this contest brought me out of my shell and I hope it does the same for you.

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