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the places i have been

Oh my gods. I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. I can't imagine too many people care what I've been up to, but in case you're curious why I was away, here's a rundown. Told with Jensen Ackles gifs. Because yum :P

REVISIONS. That deserves caps because I was doing genuine revisions versus editing.

- What's the difference you ask? Well, the distinction might only be in my head

(A real possibility cause, you know, I AM a writer),

- but editing is what I do on my own or after CPs and Betas read my book baby and rip it apart for my benefit.

- Revisions are requested/required after on industry professional provides you feedback.

This does not mean that I was offered/publication during my time away from you, lovelies,

- if that happened you would have heard my screams around the world at that very instant

But I was offered some very specific, very constructive suggestions – SCORE!

- I probably spent two weeks just digesting the notes,

As everyone should when offered any suggestions,

- Because though the changes seemed small, they had ripple effects down the line.

Between bouts of tearing out my hair, going cross-eyed staring at my pages, and cursing my words, I finally got the things done!

- About 5k old words cut; approximately 9k new words added. “World” was clarified, extraneous subplots removed.

5 bajillion passive instances reworded/redone/eliminated.

- 320 pages scoured at least 4 times. That's 1280 pages...

That you've already read 4 times really that's at least 2560 pages of the same story.

- Celebrations were had people. Hard.

Cookies and cake in excess were consumed. Which of course I paid for later. :P

- And here I am, after 25 days of intense revising and 3 days after resubmission, waiting for the next verdict.

While holed up in my revising treehouse, I hit 1K twitter followers.

- I honestly can’t believe you all like me enough to follow.

To celebrate, and because the PitchWars entry window is around the corner, I’ll offer my eyes over your first chapter or query.

- Details to come.

FicFest came and went.

- I feel like I let Chrissy down.

I warned her of the difficult genre and what we'd do after the contest window closed,

- and though we might've been mentally prepared,

I know better than anyone that feeling of getting no "love" for a pitch, an entry, a query, and a contest.

- I'm sorry honey.

I love your words and believe in Soul Bound.

- Just hurts my heart that I subjected her to that.

In other news: Went to DC over Memorial Day weekend.

-Remind not to go anywhere during a long weekend again.

I got cuddles from my little niece.

- 6 months old and already making moves and a boyfriend ;)

My baby girl turned 8 on July 4th.

- Cue wailing.

Because we had family over that weekend, I promised her a slumber party for a later date,

- Which happens to be this coming Saturday.

Please send alcohol.

- It’s been a year since my last writer’s conference, and I find myself itching to attend another.

Any suggestions? I’m torn between RWA and Romantic Times as they seem the most prevalent. - Would love to attend a writing SFF one someday, but can’t find much info.

I will soon be the proud owner of a brand spanking new mini-van.

- Yep, you read that right: proud, cause this will be my first new car since 2000.

About damn time!

- My kids can’t wait to tell all their friends about momma’s new ride.

Fortunately for me, they were unable to find a pink, green, and hot dog shaped car.

My next post will be about those pesky revisions and general editing tips. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter if you have a burning #WritersLife question you can’t seem to find the answer for.

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