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New Twitter Chat! #DarkLitChat -- Join us on June, 21st at 8pm EST!

What is #DarkLitChat? #DarkLitChat is a monthly Twitter chat for writers, authors, or readers who appreciate dark fiction. Writers and authors at all stages are welcome, and encouraged to join in. Whether you're plotting, procrastinating, or published, you're welcome to join us! When is #DarkLitChat? Tuesday, June 21st at 8pm EST, on Twitter.

(You can find us for subsequent chats every 3rd Tuesday of the month, at 8pm EST) Why #DarkLitChat? Writing dark fiction can be hard -- and it can be lonely. Many times it's difficult to find other writers who appreciate a good blood bath in a world filled with happily ever after. Network with other writers of Dark Fiction while we discuss the ups and downs of writing dark fiction. Who's hosting #DarkLitChat?

And Elesha Teskey - Urban Fantasy Author, and Publicist for Pen And Kink Publishing. What is Dark Lit? Any genre or market covering darker topics. Thrillers, horror, suspense, urban fantasy, mysteries, etc. Dark Lit would include murder, crime, abuse, drugs -- things of that nature. Dark Lit is subjective, if you think you write Dark Lit, chances are -- you do. How can I help? Help us get the word out on your blog, and on twitter.

#DarkLitChat Future Chats We're looking for published authors open to doing Q&As for future chats. If you're interested, tweet at PoirierPages on Twitter, or DM. Need a reminder for #DarkLitChat? You can sign up for an email reminder for the chat

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