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write, wreck, Repeat

Updated: Feb 7

The above became my mantra about four months ago because this is essentially my life as a writer. I write, I tear apart my words, put them back together, and write some more. And just when I think I'm done, when I've had some success querying and sending requested material, I have to dissect my words all over again.

Welcome to my week, where I've received three rejections by the time I post this entry.

Some #writer tweeps tell me they're amazed by my optimism and openness about my writing ups and downs. Well, I think it's healthy to share our disappointments as much as our achievements. I want you to know what I'm going through so that you realize you're not alone. That the opposite of one successful query are fifteen form rejections. That even with an agent or editor's attention, they have fallen out of love with my words for no other reason than subjectivity.

We are all traveling aboard the same cruise ship on a churning sea, so I see no harm sitting down with you and commiserating over a drink-or three. ;)

What I do not recommend is blaming the industry, agents, publishers, readers, writers, or editors. Take the high road. Realize that they are the professionals, they understand the ins and outs of the business, they only want to help you. It is up to you to make them love you as much as your words, but a bad attitude expressed in one email, one tweet, one post will not help you.

A polite reply, however, could go a long way.

*Stepping off my soap box now*

Oh, and my second post regarding synopsis tips will be posted early next week. Putting the finishing touches on it.

Life and Lists

Boy, that was heavy. Let me digress from my writing life and let you in on my real life.

*Feel free to check out now if uninterested*

  • Fam and I roadtripped to DC last weekend where I hoped to instill my love of the history, the buildings, the city itself into my kids.

  • Baby Boy couldn't have cared less; he loved the T-rex exhibit at the Smithsonian and wanted to spend our two days visiting it alone.

  • Little Girl figured every building should have a history, so interrogated me about every building we passed. She was not impressed with my lack of knowledge. :P

  • My kids met Cicadas for the first time on the trip back, and they hope never to see them again. The noise alone had them hot stepping to the rest area bathroom, but watching them tip-toe-run over smooshed cicada carcasses almost put a stitch in my side.

  • When LG screamed and ran for the car with arms flailing around her head swearing a cicada attacked her, I gave into choked laughter. There were tears in my eyes, guys. It was so damn funny. Especially since I think it was a fly.

  • I'm a horrible mom. :-D

  • "Don't underestimate little girls." - I've been binge-watching Grimm and am not sure why I didn't watch this series sooner. The twisted fairytales, the loveable and hateable characters, not the mention the excellent writing have sucked me in.

  • I heard the "little girl" line in the season finale and want to have something made for my LG so she remembers how strong she is now and forever. She used to talk to everybody, approach anybody, but has reigned in her outgoing self these last couple of years. I don't know why she tamped down her natural curiosity, misplaced her courage, but I

  • Part of my horoscope today is kind of laughable: You might want to hide under the covers... Considering my query week, yea, I could've ended up there, but all the writer love and some brutal honesty from Megan pulled me back from the abyss.

  • And-duh. I'd spend everyday in bed if I could!

  • "Your power is...fictional." - Heard this in a preview of Grace and Frankie and that line made me LOL.

  • If all the writing is this good, I need to tap into some of that creative genius.

Enjoy your weekend folks. Hope there's sunshine in your forecast.

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