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i need Distractions

QueryTracker tells me my current stats are:

36 queries sent

13 rejections

2nd quickest rejection came overnight :)

Of the remaining 23 queries

7 were from #DVpit

which leaves 16 queries from before that awesome event still turning in the wind.

Speaking of #DVpit -

I am so proud of my fellow diverse authors for putting their stories out there,

and even more so of the non-diverse ones who let us have the one day without complaint.

I saw some of the grumblings,

and I'm always surprised to see writers begrudge other writers.

We're all a part of this huge, hopeful community,

so rather than wasting energy on negativity

use it to make your story better,

to make your pitch better so you can participate in the next contest.

I've partaken in quite a few events since #PitchWars last August.

Early on I learned something lacked in my pitch,

so I edited.

Then there were issues with the beginning of my story,

so I cut 5 freakin chapters and made my original chapter 6 my new chapter 1.

(It's so much better for it BTW)

Finally, my query letter needed a major overhaul,

so I tore it up and glued the sentences back together in a better way.

The point is I had to adjust, peeps, and so will you.

Not everyone has a one-hit wonder,

and even those you think did have it probably didn't.

Almost a month ago J.K. Rowling was kind enough to share some of her rejection letters with the world.

Yes, even the indomitable, amazing Rowling received a form rejection on occasion.

But she didn't let it stop her.

Now I don't know if she did anything like I did above,

but I'm guessing she had to tweak something before more pages for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone were requested.

I'm gonna hang up my hat based on my experience with #DVpit.

Seriously, the pitches were amazing,

and the participation blew the roof off any twitter event I'd seen before.

For those few writers upset they couldn't participate,

let me give you a different perspective,

one that has nothing to do with the marginalized voices aspect:

Most of the requests I've seen from other twitter contests were for YA and MG manuscripts.

I write New Adult/Adult.

I write Urban Fantasy.

The odds are not in my favor.

I knew that concentration would be heavy in the younger genres,

and that my chance to grab requests was slim,

but I tried anyway.

Heck, I was even spotlighted in #PitchMadness

but I got no requests in that event.

I got a high number of requests [for me] from #DVpit -

I can usually count them on half of one hand -

but nowhere near the numbers of my fellow YA and MG writers.

A good twi-friend of mine got 24 requests for his YA.


I encouraged him to participate when he would've watched this contest blow by,

I pressured him even the morning of to put schedule some tweets,

and I encouraged him on the feed.

Should I begrudge him for getting more requests than me?

HELL to the NO.

He was afraid to tell me his final number,

but he had no reason to be afraid,

I'll cheer him on anyday,

just like I'll do you.

So at the next twitter event I'll cheer you from the sidelines,

I'll be the one biting her nails waiting on her own outstanding submission responses.


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