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wherein Everyone's a winner...

knowing your work would be judged,

and the chances might be slim,

but that's the nature of this biz.

My first page was finally chosen.

Do you know how many times it's not been?

Do you know how many rejections I've collected?

Give you a hint:

I'm running out of fingers.

I'm terribly afraid I'll have absolutely zero requests...

but you know,

even if that happens

I'll be okay.

I'm cheering everyone on.

for tirelessly giving back to us newbie's for years,

for giving us these great opportunities,

for helping us get one step closer to our dream.

Honestly, if I hadn't seen PitchWars for the first time 4/5 years ago

I might've jumped off the writing train long ago.

But I wanted to be on a team so bad,

to see my name/title/exceprt on one of the sites,

to be a part of this community,

that I kept learning and writing and editing.

So to the guys who've been feeling rejected this week,

please know I've been there,

I'm still there

(I'm wracking up the rejection count as we speak)

but we have to keep moving forward.

Don't let the doubt demon win.

Knock him down,

knock him out,

dust yourself off

and keep trucking.

I guaruntee all who were drafted this round did exactly this.

My fingers are crossed,

my heart's in my throat,

my nerves are on edge,

for myself sure

but moreso for the 71 others in #Pitchmadness.

I loved all of the entries

and hope to read all of the complete stories one day.

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