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Great, now I've got THAT song stuck in my head!

Sorry I've been away lovelies!

Will you forgive me?

Shall I tell you all the reasons why I've been away?


A list!

I finally received some constructive feedback from one of the many twitter contests I stalk.

At first it felt like a rejection,

but in hindsight it was a revise and resubmit.


The suggestions weren't new to me,

I'd heard versions of them before,

but because I was so attached to my story I hesitated to really work them.

No more!

I spent most of February taking apart and gluing my beginning back together,

beefing up my dialogue,

and loving my MS even more.

Guys, we all have to accept that our MS will need change,

and if I'd accepted it sooner maybe I wouldn't be sitting on a pile of rejections.

Oh - and I've already received a request based on the new pages.

Happy dance!

Also in Feb, I decided to run away with the kiddos for a long weekend.

Sometimes you just have to get away to gain some perspective, ya know?

So I packed them and my parents into a rental

and spent a weekend with baby-sis in Chicago.

It was of course, snowing like a mother-

which meant we spent a lot of times indoors,

but getting away from home was exactly what I needed to regain my sanity.

Let's see...

I was nearly killed three times in one morning on my way to work.

It's 7 am people, and nobody wants to be at work that bad.

Riding my bumper will not make the fifteen cars in front of me get outta your way.

So back up!

Baby boy's doing this weird thing where he puts his face in my butt


yea. what you're thinking? that's what I feel everytime he does it.

Baby girl seems to be PMSing.

Mind you she's 7,

so I am wholly unprepared to deal with her "early onset of womanhood".

Oh! I've started working out at 5.30am with sis #3.

"WHY?" You wonder.

Because I love torturing myself on little sleep and an empty stomach

and than congratulating myself for draggin my a$$ outta bed so early

by eating a bagel

and a venti something-something from Starbucks.

Irony - we be best friends for life.

***I composed this post prior to #PitchMadness anouncements so I'll save my "OMERGOD!" for another day.***

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