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  • Hetal Avanee

hello 2016

We did it folks,

we survived 2015.

Take a moment

let it sink in.



Because my survival in 2016 requires a plan.

These aren't resolutions,

cause I've never done well completing them,

but just like last year I'm making a plan for myself.

I'm still looking for the right conference to attend.

Will figure that out later...

you know, in my vast amount of spare time.

1) I will up my querying game.

Which means putting on the big girl suit

and diving into the slush pile.

Can you hear my terrified scream?

Pretty sure I just shattered glass over here.

My reason for entering twitter contests last year was to bypass that pile,

and though I got some requests

they either haven't panned out or there's silence.


Maybe that means nothing,

but my story's not as exposed as I'd like it to be.

The goal is to submit to at least 50 agents over the next six months.

Nine a month - is that too much?

I guess that's what wine is for.

2) On the opposite side if the scale is the "submit straight to publishers" route.

I admit there's some satisfaction in the thought;

see if anybody is interested,

potentially get my story out faster,

or maybe just get more constructive feedback

you know in the form of rejections.

Oh the rejections...


The publishing landscape isn't what it used to be, after all,

digital is making huge strides,

but it means we authors have to be more diligent.

I've read some horror stories,

and don't want to be the girl whose heart gets ripped from her chest.

#Pit2Pub is awfully tempting for this reason.

I've been trolling their hash

and their site researching the ePubs participating.

It sounds fun,

but maybe I'll give my followers a break from my pitching.

3) Finish my first ever thriller.

Wreck it.

Put it back together.

Find CPs/beta readers for it.

Maybe I'll even be in a good place to toss into the PitchWars in August.

You know what they say about the horse, right?

Well, I've never actually ridden,

but I'll consider PitchWars my horse.


So there it is.


e manageable items.

Anything extra is just icing.

Here's hoping for a ton of icing.

Oh, you know what I mean.

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