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doth i Contest too much?

A shiny new year is around the corner,

which for many people means a whole nother year of making

- and possibly breaking -


I don't subscribe to the list making myself,

too many years of making promises I couldn't keep,

but I do give myself deadlines,

cause the timeline thing works well for me.

I completed an MS.

I went to a conference,

where I pitched that MS.

I got some requests!

Spent th next couple of months polishing my pages

and then some time avoiding the send button

until finally there were no excuses left.

While those requested materials float around

I submitted to #PitchWars - didn't make it,

tried out #PitMad - got one request that became a constructive rejection,

and figured I'd give #SFFpit my last shot.

I debated entering #PitchMas,

(cause @feakysnucker is the most awesome person)

but will probably just take part in the twitter pitch party.

I'm kinda loving the twitter pitching opportunities,

and the lovely people who host them,

despite the low interest in my pitches.

Either I haven't found the right combo of words

or my genre is a harder sell than even I anticipated.

However, I will not stop. I love this story

and hope someone will love it as much as me.


If you recall I'd entered my first page into a Writer's Digest contest where three people win a critique opportunity from the amazing Marisa Corvisiero and I got one of those spots! It's really odd to see my name on the webpge and exhilirating at the same time.

I spent most of a day polishing my first ten pages,

and loving the changes.

I took to heart the feedback I received from that one PitMad request,

because it was similar to what I heard from the one PitchWars mentor who read my partial.

I can't wait to hit send!

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