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  • Hetal Avanee

slow And steady

Hello to people who might still be lurking.

I doubt there are many of you,

but I love you bunches :)

Work intruded on my writing these last couple of weeks,

hate having to answer to "the man"

but must keep earning in order to keep my Princess stocked in

glittery plastic accessories, jeweltone polish, and sparkly clothing,

often worn at the same time

in innumerable layers.

My Prince requires very little

but things that go vrooomm are always welcome.

I spent the weekend cleaning and reorganizing,

ironing and washing,

packing boxes for GoodWill

and a trash bag full of misfit toys.

Am feeling pretty accomplished

even if the mother-in-law had her opinions,

which basically revolved around

"I would've done it different".

For once it didn't get to me because two ideas revolved around my mind:

1 - Everyone has their own method for tackling LIFE,

whether it be cleaning house,

dusting off an old idea,

or reassessing what we once put aside to trash,

and no one's method is wrong if we are getting the job done in the best wasy possible.

I've been in a bit of a rut recently where my writing is concerned.

I think I've hit that point where I'm sick of looking at my current story -

I've heard this is pretty common :)

and maybe it's a good thing that I've hit it?

Jury's still out.

So I switched gears,

polished my query and synopsis,

and got stupidly excited when I hit save on the final versions.


Which lead to my second thought this weekend

2 - Sometimes the best way to get the job done is to set it aside,

just for a bit,

to let the ideas percolate

until they boil over

and come pouring outta your head.

So maybe it took me a month to sort out the kid's toys,

but the job got done in a way that satisfied me.

And so I will apply this same energy

towards the last look-see at my current piece.

Cause I'm suddenly feeling all the feels

and they are good.

No - great.

My next post will declare:

I am querying!

And good luck to everyone already in that place.

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