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hello Lovelies

Hi all, I didn't mean to be quiet last week,

I was just LIFE-ing.

I know you understand.

Unfortunately, the accident I was in last Tuesday

knocked writing right out of my head.

I couldn't "pick up the pen" for nearly four days.

Four days of silence.

Four days of stilted imagination.

Four days of knowing I need to get back to my MS

but unable to find the energy.

But I'm back on the horse!

My query has been polished,

and my synopsis is transforming from a threadbare 1 pager

to a comprehensive 3 pages.

I'm pretty proud of myself for it

especially since I spent an entire day just looking for format guidlines.

Which I never found

(in case you wondered).

My query is sparkling

not unlike some vampires we all knew

- and admit you loved them for a hot minute too -

and is aching to be sent in the world.

But I'm holding tight to my not-often-seen,



Just ask my kids - they'll tell you all about it


I told myself to would wait until my birthday,

then my horoscope told me wait until the week after.

Yes, I probably lost some of you,

I was prepared for that,

but you have to realize that superstition was born in me,

it's part of my culture.

Indians live by their lunar phases

fasting on auspicous days and

avoiding buying a house/car/computer on inauspicious ones.

Our houses should face east or west,

never north or south,

and every house should have a money plant

(don't ask me what the real name is

cause I don't know it

cause I have a habit of killing anything green).

But I digress -

yet again.

The point is, sometimes we need to heed the signs,

pay attention to the little hints from the universe.

I'm willing to give it a go

cause maybe that extra week will pay off for me in a really big way. :D

My birthday is this Friday,

the big 35.


Was I not supposed to admit that?

Hehe, I don't care.

I'm proud of what I've accomplished thus far,

but if I was offered representation

this year would become the best year of my life.

So all you agents about to get my MS -

prepare to have your mind blown!

A girl can hope right?

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