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glass Half Full, right?

Hey all

I have high hopes for this week.

If you saw me on twitter last week, you probably know why I need the uptick.

1) Baby boy hates preschool.

So much so that he spent all weekend telling me he doesn't want to go back.

I tried bribing him with chocolate and shopping and fun time with Grandpa

I even offered McDonald's

his answer was emphatictaly


I know you're shocked. :P

If you've got any tricks for getting a toddler over separation anxiety

please DM me on twitter I'd appreciate the input

2) He then shared his head cold with me

with all the love, of course.

How do the germs invade his little body

then come out stronger than when they went in?

He suffered one day

and was back to his bouncing-off-every-available-surface self.

I've been suffering for five days.

FIVE days of non-writing, annoying resting only.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about sleep

I LOVE sleep,

but I LOVE writing too.

And I have a self-imposed deadline to hit.

3) My birthday is next month.

17 days to be exact

(that is if I did the math right...

...which is a long shot

cause I'm pretty sure I need MS Excel to do all the mathing for me nowadays)

I will be 35.

There, I said it.

I'm not afraid.

It's only a number, after all.

But it reminds me what I want to accomplish by then:

- incorporate latest feedback into MS

- rewrite the dreaded synopsis

- send out queries

- cross fingers, drink wine, hit refresh, cry


Why did I mention my bday?

Cause I've given myself to Sept 30 to finish all of the above

(that's two days before my bday)


crap, I've only got 15 days




cause I was psyching myself out there for a bit

and We can't indulge in that

We have work to do.

We have to write!

Keep me on track, guys.

If you see me lounging around Twitter,

tell me to BICHOK immediately.

If any of you are still holding onto your babies, submit with me!

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