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  • Hetal Avanee

after the war, onto the Madness

The title of this post might lead you to believe I'm an optimist

- I assure you I'm not.

I am a realist

- and the reality is, you've got to work for what you want

one thousand and one percent of the time.

- I wasn't one of the #PitchWars chosen,

I received constructive feedback from one mentor,

- (the only one who requested pages in case you wanted to know)

The only other letter I've gotten was a form rejection

- I'm sure it won't be my last.

How do I know this?

- Because I will continue to submit.

Some agents will say my work isn't for them,

- others will say it's not the right fit or not right for the market

and some will remain silent.

-The point is, my fellow authors, rejection is inevitable

but my plan is to pursue now that I've found my love,

- my niche,

the kind of book I want to read myself.

- We had 9.38% chance of being chosen for mentorship people,

and the mentors volunteered to do this for us.

- I would've appreciated their insight,

their expertise,

- but I'll find my way without them.

I will query the crap out of my piece

- and the next one

and the one after that,

- because my daughter asks me everyday if I've fulfilled my dream

when will she be able to read my words.

She proudly calls me an author to anyone who listens

- and I smile everytime she says it.

I write for her.

- and yea, a bit for me too ;)

Don't quit, my friends.

- Think of all of those little people

(or big, since I write NA)

- who will one day look forward to thumbing through pages

that you wrote

- that you loved

and yes, sometimes, hated.

- Keep moving forward

it's the only way you'll overcome the rejection.

I'll be taking part in #PitMad next week,

- will post some tips to prepare us all

but I hope to see you there.

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