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'twas the day before #PitchWars

It was the day before anouncements and all through the house

I asked my son to please be quiet as a mouse.

Mommy's formatting pages, in case she gets a request

Bunny please, it's almost bedtime, go get dressed.

Brenda's doing an interview soon, and I'd like to listen

She's big on surprises, my attention needs no division.

I'm sitting with my wine, and my notebook in my lap,

To settle my brain, I'd avoided the frapp.

I'm highly exciteable, my husband you see,

As the mentor's picks will soon be free!

Then arose from the kitchen such a clatter,

I sprang from the office to see what was the matter.

And what to my befuddled mind did appear,

But my mother-in-law standing dumbstruck as a deer.

For my three year old is dancing in his birthday suit

My daughter danced nearby in her muddy boots.

"What the hell are you doing?" I wanted to scream,

Instead I pulled out the mop and started to clean.

I need to get back to the internet, I thought,

My wine-filled stomach twisted in a knot.

Brenda's sure to surprise, she's good for it,

I want to be near, but the kids need cleaned, my mind is split.

Three minutes to eight, no time to spare,

Get kids changed, comb their hair.

Tuck them in, threaten harm should they leave there.

Give them kisses, then two, then three,

Man they want a bedtime story, what should it be?

The one about the minion, the pony, or the princess,

Oh I know, the one where I pull my hair in distress.

Finally, their eyes droop, they're nodding off to sleep.

If I hurry down, I can hear Brenda's last peep.

But alas, it is not meant to happen,

For I mistyped the URL and so I am slappin

My head in frustration, and accidentally my nose.

I have missed Brenda's charmful prose.

So I will watch the replay once, twice, thrice,

Roll into bed, my brain turning thoughts like dice.

Until the picks are up, I won't be able to rest,

If I should be picked, I'll feel so blessed.

But if I am not, there's no need to despair,

I plan to query anyway, to put myself out there.

I just need to KNOW, you know? For the waiting to be done

And to cheer on the other writers, EACH AND EVERY ONE.

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