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  • Hetal Avanee

what's That saying?

When life gives you lemons...

Squirt someone in the eye!

I definitely got some lemons last week. Here's a rundown:

I was almost the cream filling in a three car accident Monday morning

- seriously Ohio, I love you, but enough with the construction

people be crazy when orange barrels line the road

- I think they do it on principle.

I fell out of bed Tuesday morning.

- "How does a grown woman fall out of bed?" you ask


- At work, my computer freaked out

thankfully no documents were lost

- and I got to play Candy Crush for an hour while helpdesk remoted into my terminal

I've been stuck at level 415 since then.

- What level are you on?

Get home, wanna write

- Windows 10 was installed on my laptop without my knowledge

latest versions of everything are LOST

- and OneDrive's a joke - it wouldn't let me back in.

Anyone remember Vista?

- No? EXACTLY, it was that bad

and my laptop had to be reset to factory settings that time.

- Moral of the story:

buy a MAC.

- So I'm up every night re-polishing the next to last version of my MS,

getting through it faster than expected because I remember a lot of my last changes,

- but my Starbucks addiction might be outta control.

White Chocolate Mocha, extra espresso - nuff said.

- It takes me 2 hours to get home Wednesday night

cause of those damned orange barrels again

- I really hate those things

I must've dropped the f-bomb 500 times in 75 minutes

- I don't use it too much

but it felt right.

- Order these awesome cakes from Chinese bakery for celebrations on Sunday

realize too late that I called the wrong location

- don't have the guts to ask them to cancel and call the right shop instead

so I drove a half hour to the east side to pick up two cakes I could've gotten from fifteen minutes away

- worth it.

I'm begging the universe: please take it easy on me this week or I might never leave the house again

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