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you're Not alone

Told with MeanGirls gifs - because this is sadly one of the only movies I can quote :P

Every year when Brenda Drake anounces #PitchWars is coming, unpublished writers are all​

And mentors think "my inbox better..." (only deviation from MeanGirls, promise)

I immediately start following Brenda and #pitchwars and mentors and mentees and get the idea

And wonder if they can be bribed


But really, my love and appreciation for Brenda, the mentor's, and the writing community as a whole cannot be measured

Because you are all amazing. The mentors for offering their time and advice to us hopefuls and the hopefuls for encouraging one another.

When picks are anounced, there's some of this

And everyone worries that they'll be left empty handed

Take a breath, relax. Acknowledge how courageous you are for entering. You took a leap of faith and we'll catch you. Whether or not we're picked, we've done something amazing by sending our babies out into the world.

So sit back, watch the #PitchWars thread. Keep writing. Because you've already won.

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