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a #PitchWars mentee Bio

I did it, I submitted. The story is outta my hands...

So to distract myself, here I am answering the #PimpMyBio call hosted by the fabulous Christopher Keelty

1) There must be a plan! Whether it's a family vacation or weekend getaway, and yes even my stories, I need to know beginning, middle, and end. Not to the exact second, but generally, I needs to know when I'll be fed.

2) I love horror movies, though I am usually afraid of the dark for a full night afterwards. And I was gonna enter a The Grudge GIF here, but they freaked me out! hahahaha

3) My family is the center of my universe. My two children, husband, his parents (who live with us), my parents (who live across the street), my sisters, and cousins are my best friends. Those relationships cannot be superceded, and I will go mama-bear on ya if needs be ;)

4) When I laugh, I laugh from the belly. It's loud and real and, according to my husband, super annoying. I don't care. When something is truly funny, it deserves an honest reaction. #SorryNotSorry if I disturb you.

5) I am the oldest of four girls - because my parent's failed to make a boy four times. :) It's an old-school Indian mentality thing. No, we are not unwanted. Yes, we are loved. I can tell you all about it if you really want to know.

6) Bodice Rippers were my crack when I was a teen. I had to sneak-read the things because my mom believed they gave me "ideas". To this day I'm not sure what those ideas were.

7) I work in IT but am not a programmer/developer/architect. I am a Business Analyst - essentially, you tell me what you want, and I write it in techese (yes, that's a thing) so a site/application/system is tailored to your specifications. How did I get here? With my BA in English, of course :D

8) I love period dramas - and new takes on them. I'll watch Pride and Prejudice anytime it's on, have saved every recording of Downtown Abbey, and Benedict Cumberbatch has made me number one fan of Sherlock. When will it come back!!!

My entry to PitchWars was originally written two years ago, torn apart, and completely redone this year. It can be summed up with these words: kick-ass heroine saves the world. :)

Good luck to all the mentees in the 2015 #PitchWars season. "May the odds be ever in your favor!"

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