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  • Hetal Avanee

knees a Knockin

So in exactly one week I will be at the Writer's Digest Annual Conference. There will be over fifty agents/editors in attendance, at least ten whom I hope to pitch to.

My stomach flutters just thinking about this.

I have read and re-read my query critique at least a hundred times. I've employed the changes suggested by the wonderful mentor. Her suggestions were truly so helpful. But the thought of having to say these things out loud - to a person who matters (not just the hubby) - makes my throat go dry. This will be the litmus test for whether or not my idea has a chance for publication. Say I only get to three of my top ten agents, and they all hate my pitch, does this mean they will ultimately hate my story? I know this industry is subjective, and one needs to have thick skin to navigate it, but I'm not sure I can deal with seeing the rejection straight in the face. I'm not sure if hearing a rejection will prevent me from moving onto the next agent.

There is so much great advice on the web about how to dress and act. They say to talk about your book naturally, as if you are speaking to a friend. They say to practice in the mirror, to pitch to other writers, to try it out on friends and family.

All of these ideas are wonderful - and a nightmare to the introvert in me.

I'm betting everyone has had that day where they don't feel pretty, feel too fat, feel like their hair's too flat or dull. I pretty much feel that way every day. I am more comfortable sitting in a corner watching everyone out on the dance floor rather than being one of them.

In the case of the conference, I signed myself up to be on that dance floor and have eyes on me. I hope I don't fall flat on my face.

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