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Pursue the dream

I didn't write my first book in first grade about a sparkly unicorn stuck in our world who dreamed of getting back to the other side of the rainbow - although maybe it would have been awesome. My urge to write came much later in life. Baby Girl was rolling around in my belly, waiting for her chance to join the world, and the bug took a bite outta me. Something about creating her life and anticipating her arrival prompted me to do more than read - it awoke a need in me to write and create the kinds of stories I wished I could read,

Maybe it was pregnancy brain, maybe it's my mid-life crisis calling, but for almost seven years I've listened to this dream whisper at the back of my mind.

Those first drafts were horrible for so many reasons. For one, I hadn't found my genre. Though I loved curling up with a romance, reading and writing are not the same game. My first dozen stories were romantic in nature and petered out pretty quickly. Didn't take me long to realize I was not cut out for the romance arena. So I tried jsut spitting ideas onto the page and seeing what came of them. There was no structure or blueprint. I fancied myself a "pantser" who didn't require a blueprint to write a great story.

Boy, was I wrong.

For the next few years I quieted my dreamer's voice. Baby Girl and Baby Boy demanded my attention. Moving into a new home, helping my parents find their dream home and settle in a new city, and supporting my sisters took priority.

Until I found the awesome worlds of Urban Fantasy.

Kick-ass heroines, dreamy heroes, cities turned fantastical by an author's pen. Plots that thrill, twists that make your head spin, characters you root for, and those villains you root against. Magic, mystery, and heartache.

I had been missing all of these things. I hadn't realized I was looking for those things until someone showed me the possibilities.

So I will no longer ignore my dream. I will pursue. I have a plan, one that makes me ramp up rather quickly, but hey, I've had seven years. No more laying about. I have two months to turn it all around. It's time to do.

Good luck to all the dreamers.

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