• Hetal Avanee

17 days to THE day

omg omg omg; it's almost here. it's almost time. the PitchWars showcase is little over 2 weeks away. I feel like I've done all I can to prepare and I. Am. Ready.

A not so great development: all 4 adults in my house have Covid. The kids are okay, they tested negative, and have been kept apart from us since Saturday. I miss their hugs, and I can tell my daughter misses the affection too, so I make up for the distance by hollering my love to them often.

In case you're wondering: I wore a mask. I kept my distance. I didn't eat at a restaurant. Others in our house weren't so vigilant, and I'm suffering because of their decisions. I still get dizzy spells and fatigue out of the blue, but we are in our respective corners healing together, but alone.

Oh, and I lost my smell AFTER the fever passed. Was definitely smelling stuff during that time. Haven't lost taste though, so that's a head trip.

In any case, stay safe and wear the damn mask :P

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