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revision stats

don't let the title fool you - I still have a week left before I turn in my first revision to Gail - but I thought some numbers might interest the two of you who stumble onto my site :)

i love my spreadsheets. over the years, i visited Jami Gold's site to download versions of writing worksheets and then I modify them to track what's important to me: daily word count and goal to completion are SUPER important to me. i don't know - i'm funny like that. tell me how on track or far behind i am :P

Original wordcount 41,700

Removed from original wc 7,375

Current wordcount 50,254

Total new words written 15,929

Original # of chapters: 16 (most with 2 scenes each)

Removed from original: 2

Current # of chapters: 33 (each scene is now it's own chapter)

Absolutely new chapters: 2

all that aside, this revision has been so intense but so fun. also - how come no one warned me that revision = writing MANY new words including brand new scenes? i mean, i probably shouldn't be as shocked as I am by new words (and even 2 whole new scenes) as a direct result of my mentor's suggestions. but I still ave 30% to write and i know for a fact i'll be adding:

  1. a magical bookstore

  2. an epic fight

  3. and tension tension tension

I can't wait!


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