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start with a Bang

When I made my piddly little list of things to do this year

I couldn't have anticipated the wonderul opportunities that would present themselves.

I have Brenda Drake's PitchWars to thank for introducing me to many awesome writely peeps,

for helping me break out of my shell,

for giving me the courage to speak up more

and respond to every interesting/ridiculous/hilarious tweet/comment/article I've found.

As a result, I'm doing two things to give back to the community that's done so much for me.

First: I'm a volunteer moderator on

This is a unique writing site where writers band together to help other writers

by providing tips and tricks,

motivation and articles,

and workshops and events.

I'm moderating some of their classes,

the same classes that provided me insight and feedback,

publishing knowledge and critiques,

at the rate of ten hours a week.

A small thank you for the years of support they've given me,

but I'm glad to be giving back.

Second: I'm going to be a "mentor" in #FicFest!

From the brains of Tiffany Hoffman

and her partner in crime Kara Leigh Miller

FicFest was born.

The hash is already gaining traction,

but a few volunteers are still needed.

If you're an adult or new adult writer,

and have some time in the months of March and April

(or even if you don't,

but want to get in on the ground floor of the next amazing thing)

then please please please email ficfest [at]

and volunteer to be a member.

I beg because the NA teams -

of which I am reading for -

still needs 2 people,

and I can't meet my teammates until the spots are filled.

Put me out of my misery, will ya?

In other news:

it's snowing.

Not even a lot,

but even half an inch makes Ohio drivers lose all reason.

I've lived here all my life and I've yet to go a season without:

people riding my a$$,

people driving recklessly,

people forgetting how to drive period.

Guy in the Buick wearing the cowboy hat

(cause you know how appropriate those are in OHIO


riding my tail is not going to make me go faster,

in fact, I will slow down,

providing you the opportunity to rear end me

and buy me a new car.

I'm kinda evil that way

and I like it.


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